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Creating engaging environments is a natural extension of our expertise and skill set that comes with creating and managing exhibits and corporate marketing events.


As we become a integral extension of your team, e³ learns the nuances of representing your unique brand, making us the perfect partner. Together, we can transform any space into an engaging and functional environment that accurately represents the core values and vision of your brand. 

We have proven experience with designing, enhancing and rebranding a variety of architectural environments.

Corporate Environments: 

 ●  reception areas 

 ●  collaborative & coworking spaces

 ●  conference rooms & boardrooms

 ●  customer application centers

 ●  employee training centers 

 ●  technology lounges

 ●  entrances, vestibules & corridors

 ●  factories

 ●  interior & exterior signage

If you need help transforming a space...

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