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e³ corporate solutions is the culmination of years of hard work, atypical circumstances and dedicated professionals. We asked ourselves the question; Why not?

Together, we have managed a multitude of successful projects over 20 plus years. In recent years, after much discussion and a great deal of planning, we made the decision to open our own business and embark on this exciting adventure of entrepreneurship.

Our vast industry and project management expertise, strong client relationships and complementing strengths, prompted us to officially form e³ corporate solutions. We offer our clients decades of experience operating under a business model unique to e³. This operational model has allowed us to procure a network of trusted global partners and complete projects in more than 45 countries.

e³ at its core is extremely resourceful. We offer our clients a customizable rental inventory and have been able to contract with the best designers and fabricators all over the world. This has allowed e³ to meet the unique needs of a wide array of clients. Worldwide local fabrication avoids costly shipping, delays, damage and expenses. We have minimal overhead and negotiate wholesale pricing which allows us to be creative, competitive and provide accurate budgets. Under this business model, our designs are not limited by tools, equipment or talent.

“I could never do my job without you!”  A client review of Colleen

Colleen McClaine earned her title of “Operations Enthusiast” because you will never find another project manager more dedicated to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of every project and process. She is always asking, “How can we do this better?”  — all while providing exceptional service to her clients and fostering career-long relationships.


Colleen is a trade show and live events industry expert, spending nearly 20 years as a project manager and director at EP&M International in Albany, New York. Unlike other exhibit providers, EP&M operated in a very unique business model whereby the project managers truly managed all facets of the project (literally — she’s forklift driver certified!), which makes her extremely resourceful and better equipped to problem-solve on the spot. 

Colleen has managed projects all across the US and globally, in places such as Algiers, Riyadh, Singapore, Milan, Dusseldorf, Sao Paulo, Sydney — just to name a few! 

Orlando is Colleen’s favorite US trade show destination because the city is dialed in to live events and a city that offers any resource needed. Internationally, she’ll never pass up a project in Milan for a chance to enjoy the food and culture. 

colleen sample pic 2.png

colleen mcclaine

operations enthusiast &

managing partner

Although downtime is very rare for Colleen, she loves spending time at the beach with her kids and her dog, Wrangler. She also has a knack for interior decorating. Spa time is a necessary indulgence, especially after going above and beyond to solve problems for her clients! 

linda sample pic 2.png

linda o'connor

solutions insomniac &

managing partner

"She makes my job so much easier by doing hers so well.” A client review of linda

Linda discovered the trade show industry through a friend and realized she could make a career solidifying two of her passions: thriving in the details and traveling the world!

She was given the title of “Solutions Insomniac,” due to her uncanny ability to solve problems in her sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night with solutions so that her clients can rest easy! In fact, when a challenge presents itself, she is often encouraged to take a nap and find a solution.

Corporate clients depend on Linda’s expertise with 20 plus years combined experience in global trade shows, client events, branding and signage; she has seen it all. Linda spent most of her career heading up projects at EP&M International based in Albany, New York where she eagerly learned the ropes. 

It wasn’t long before she gained expert status in international trade show exhibits, exhibit design, multimedia interactive displays, project management, corporate events, portable exhibits, mobile marketing and exhibit sales and rentals.


Linda has managed hundreds of projects domestically and globally in places such as the UK, France, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Singapore and Italy for starters.

When Linda isn’t traveling the world for work, she enjoys traveling the world for pleasure. When she is home, you will most likely find this animal lover at the dog park with Ollie, working on home projects or outside tending to her flowers and landscaping.

Ollie loves his shredding job and takes it very seriously. There isn’t a paper he won’t unexpectedly grab and shred at a moments notice. 


In Ollie’s off time, he enjoys basking in the sun, playing catch, digging holes in the lawn and playing with his dog park buddies, just to name a few. 

Ollie Pic.png


document shredder 


Wrangler is a mini-Schnoodle who doesn’t acknowledge the “mini” portion of his breed. He thinks he’s a big guy which is why he loves being the top dog of security at e³. 

He’s very observant and is the first to alert us when someone arrives.

Wrangler is energetic and relentless when it comes to fetching a ball and great for snuggles too!


top dog of security

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